Hezekiah at a Glance

The University has two campuses with a total land area of 113.7 hectares both of which are located at Umudi in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State. The take-off Campus is located on 13.1 hectares piece of land, while the main Campus which has a total area of 100.6 hectares is about 4.0 km away from the take-off Campus.

Hezekiah University was established as a private university in May 2015 under the license of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The idea to start the Hezekiah University was initiated in 2004 after which the initial contact with the National Universities Commission (NUC) was made and the application forms for the establishment of the university were obtained to begin the process of obtaining license for the university. The university is a direct response of the Living Christ Mission Inc. to the crisis of access to university education facing the annual mass of qualified applicants seeking admission into existing Nigerian universities. The university is envisioned as the vehicle, amongst others already in place, by which the Church can influence its congregation, its immediate community and indeed Nigeria. The goal is to develop a world-class institution that shall be the pride of the Church’s congregation and indeed all Nigerians. It is in line with its focus, that the Church seeks to establish a university as is permitted under the Laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is also in line with the mission, vision, aims and objectives of the Living Christ Mission Inc. and the wish to contribute to national development, and particularly to enhance educational opportunities for our teeming youths in quest of higher learning, that the idea of the Hezekiah University was conceived and has continued to be nurtured.

The logo symbolizes what the Hezekiah University really stands for. The logo contains a shield resting on a base inside which is written the motto of the university. The shield and base are traditional symbols of a logo and they reflect strength, power and protection. These imply that the university shall strengthen, empower and protect its staff, students and indeed the general public by generating knowledge relevant and applicable to the needs of society. The juxtaposition of the lion and the lamb depicts that the university is meant for people from different economic, social, political, cultural, and religious backgrounds. In other words, the university shall accommodate the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, Christians and Muslims, Whites and Blacks, etc. The dove and the inscription, ‘God is love’ on the open book symbolize the peace, unity, harmony, love, and tolerance that shall reign within the university community. The open book itself depicts accessibility to the well structured and high quality academic programs of the university as well as effective reading culture.

The name ‘Hezekiah University’ was selected to reflect the name of His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, MFR and the Founder and Leader of the Living Christ Mission Inc. Hezekiah is a Hebrew word which means: (1) God is my strength; (2) The strength of God; and (3) God strengthens. This also means that if the Hebrew name of Hezekiah is replaced with its real English meaning, the names of the university are: ‘God is my Strength University or The Strength of God University or God Strengthens University’. Therefore, the name of the Hezekiah University was chosen to show and confirm that it is the Most High God who owns the university and to HIM be all the Glory.

Hezekiah University is located in Umudi town in Nkwerre Local Government of Imo State of Nigeria. The University at full growth shall be located on two campuses already acquired by the Proprietor with a total land area of 113.7 hectares. Campus A, the take-off campus which is already operational is located on 13.1 hectares piece of land adjacent to Campus B with a total area of 100.6 hectares and separated by about 4.0 km road all located at Umudi in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State.

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