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The philosophy of Political Science programme is to produce graduates with critical minds, requisite abilities and skills to comprehend, analyse, predict, and influence the factors that shape and mould power relationships in an ever-changing socio-political environment in a globalizing world. The programme is highly significant in developing countries such as Nigeria, as it is directed at raising a team of experts that would be able to confront, address and solve socio-economic problems, development issues and societal challenges in the contemporary world. More importantly, in a highly competitive and dynamic world, the programme aims at producing a crop of young leaders, law makers, policy makers, administrators, technocrats, political analysts, political advisers, entrepreneurs, etc.

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  • VISION – The Vision of the Department of Political Science strives with all available resources to train future leaders and professionals who will be agents of change and transformation in the society and the world at large and to promote social justice e sustainability and improvement of the well being of the people in the society.
  • MISSION – The Mission of the Department is to educate students to think critically, exhibit technical competence and effectively engage in the political process of the society, standing for the fundamental human rights and against injustice in the society, providing the students with the knowledge of contributing positively to the society and to promote human capabilities, equity, sustainable livelyhood and healthy environment for the people in the society both locally and globally.

    The main objectives of a degree in political Science are:

    (i) To provide training in the principles of political science and their application to the various areas of specialization concerned political economy, government, political theory, public administration or international relations;

    (ii) Stimulate the students intellectually through the programme, in such a way that they appreciate social problems;

    (iii) To provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the workings of society and its institutions and develop the skills for the constructive use of such knowledge;

    (iv) To develop in students, the ability to apply the knowledge to the resolution of societal problems and conflicts;

    (v) To develop in students, such skills and competency that would allow them to be self-reliant and entrepreneurial;

    (vi) Provide the students with necessary skills for studying and analysing society;

    (vii) Provide the students with the skill-base from which they can proceed to higher studies in political science;

    (viii) Produce students who can carry out fieldwork, collect data and analyse these in a coherent manner, as well as engage in comparative analysis of one political system with others.

    (ix) to imbue in the students a deep appreciation of the political dynamics of society and the impact of this on wider socio-economic development and societal well-being.

  • Career Placement – Given their unique training, graduates of our programmes could be self-employed or could be gainfully employed by others in diverse areas. Such areas include;

    1. Public service
    2. Private sector
    • Foreign and diplomatic service
    1. Security and defence sector
    2. International organisation
    3. Non-governmental organisation
    • Government and state house
    • Media
    1. Party offices
    2. Political advise and consultancy
    3. Research institutes, etc.
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The Degree Programmes shall be based on the following courses throughout the the four(4) years:

First Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 2oo level 300 level 400 level
Introduction to Political Science Introduction to Political Analysis Contemporary Political Analysis Politics Law in Africa
Nigerian Legal System I Political Ideas Logic and Methods of Political Inquiry Nigerian Foreign Policy
Nigerian constitutional Development Nigerian Government and Politics I History of Political Thoughts Development Administration
Communication in English Introduction to International relations Public Policy Analysis State and Economy
Nigerian Peoples and Culture Introduction to Public Administration Methodology of Comparative Politics Seminar
Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence Peace Conflict Resolution Theories of International Relations Revolution and Society
Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT Introduction to Entrepreneurship Politics of Development and Underdevelopment International Law and Politics
Basic Communication in Igbo Social Science Statistics I Politics of International Economic Relations Public Finance Administration
Introduction to Sociology I Public Administration in Nigeria
Principles of Economics Inter-Government Relations in Nigeria
Computer Appreciation and Application Theory and Practice of Marxism

Second Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 2oo level 300 level 400 level
Introduction African Politics Introduction to Comparative Politics Political Behaviour Civil-Military Relations
Nigerian Legal System II Nigerian Government and Politics II Political Research Methods and Data Analysis International Organisations/Institutions and Politics
Organisation of Government Foundation of Political Economy History of Political Thoughts Comparative Public Administration
The Citizenship of the States Introduction to Local Government Comparative Federalism Research Project
Communication in English II Human Right Studies Theory and Practice of Public Administration Political Sociology
Environment and Sustainable Development Politics in Africa Third World and Dependency International Politics and Mass Communication
Basic Communication in French Entrepreneurship Innovation Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Public Opinion Public Personal Administration
History and Philosophy of Science Social Science Statistics II Government and Administration of Urban Systems
Introduction to Sociology II Local Government in Nigeria
Principles of Economics II Gender and Politics in Nigeria
Nigerian Legislative Studies
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Admission Requirements

Candidates are admitted into the degree programme in any of the following three ways:

  1. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  2. Direct Entry
  3. Inter-University Transfer

A. UTME Entry Mode

Candidates must obtain credit pass in minimum of five (5) subjects in WAEC/NECO which must include History or Government and Literature-in-English. In addition, candidates must attain the departmental cut off mark as may be fixed by the department in a given session. The JAMB combination must include History/Government and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

BDirect Entry (DE): 3-Year Degree Programme

For Direct Entry, candidates must have passes in at least Two GCE ‘A’ level subjects, JUPEB, and their equivalent in History or Government, Literature-in-English or Christian Religious Studies.  Holders of NCE, OND and HND must obtain a minimum of Lower credit level to be eligible for consideration.

CInter-University Transfer Mode

Students can transfer provided they met the receiving University’s requirement in terms of qualification, grade and the minimum duration of stay to earn the university’s degree.

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Dr. Ernest Anichie
Dr. Ernest AnichieAg. HOD Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established as one of the pioneer Departments in Hezekiah University in 2015 when the University admitted its first batch of students.  The programme is structured in such a way that it meets the National Universities Commission Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards. The programme is tailored at producing well motivated Political Scientists that will meet up with contemporary societal challenges both at local and global levels.

With Gratitude, on-behalf of the Department of Political Science at Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State, the H.O.D says a warm welcome to one of the outstanding department in the campus.


Dr. Victor Iwuoha
Dr. Victor Iwuoha
Ukaegbu V.
Ukaegbu V.
Dr. V. Onah
Dr. V. Onah
Ofodum C.
Ofodum C.

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