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The Department of Physics was established as one of the pioneer departments in Hezekiah University in 2015. At inception, the department was approved to run two programmes;

  1. Physics
  2. Physics with Electronics

It has teaching and laboratory facilities with a department structure that comprises the Head of Department, the academic staff, laboratory attendant and students.

Lectures in the department commenced the same year but only that the department was servicing other departments in the Faculty since there was no students’ enrolment into any of the programmes. In 20116/2017 session, the department had nine (9) students’ in its enrolment.

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  • VISION – In line with Hezekiah University, the Vision of the Department is to bring qualitative and functional higher education closer to the people and to play a leading role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the communities that it serves.
  • MISSION – The mission of the Department of Physics and Electronics is based on imparting the highest quality instruction to our undergraduate and graduate students and to train students in the methods and ideas of modern theoretical and applied Physics.
  • AIM & OBJECTIVE – The main objective of Department of Physics is to produce graduates who are able to assist in the solution of societal problems. The specific objectives are to:

    • To provide students with broad and balanced foundation of Physics knowledge and practical skills.
    • To instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for Physics and appreciation of its applications in different contexts.
    • To involve the students in intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
    • To develop in students the ability ti apply their knowledge and skills in physics to the solution of theoretical and practical problems.
    • To develop in students through an education in Physics a range of transferable skills of value in physics and other areas.
    • To provide students with a knowledge and skill base for further studies in Physics or multi-disciplinary area involving physics
  • Career Placement – Given their unique training, graduates of our programmes could be self-employed or could be or could be gainfully employed by others in diverse areas. Such areas include:

    • System design and analysis
    • Oil and gas production
    • Mineral exploration and processing
    • Electronic device technology
    • Information and communication technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Metallurgical and materials processing and development
    • Air traffic control
    • Energy conservation and management
    • Insurance
    • Banking, etc.

    In addition, our graduates could find employment in research institutes, defence, industries, medicine, agriculture, etc.

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The Degree Programmes shall be based on the following courses throughout the the four(4) years:

First Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English I Introduction to Entrepreneurship  Quantum Physics II Digital Signal Processing
Nigerian Peoples and Culture Quantum Physics Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics
Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence Relativity, Nuclear and Particle Physics Wave Optics Applied Spectroscopy
Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT Vibrations and Waves Statistical Physics Biophotonics
Thermal and Physical Properties of Matter Physics Laboratory III Stellar Physics Physics Laboratory
Physics I (Fundamentals of Mechanics and Fundamentals of Thermal Physics) Linear Algebra I Physics Laboratory Mathematical Methods in Physics
Physics Laboratory I Computer Programming I Mathematical Methods for Physics I
Introduction to Computer Science
General Mathematics I

Second Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English II Entrepreneurship Plasma Science and Technology
Electricity and Magnetism Electromagnetism Electrodynamics
The Universe Solid State Physics I High Energy Astrophysics
Physics II (Fundamentals of Wave Propagation. Simple Acoustics and Optical Phenomena) Physics of Renewable Energy Final Year Project
Introduction to Computing Physics Laboratory IV Student Industrial Work Experience (SIWES) Solid State Physics
General Physics Practical II Introduction of Electric Circuits and Electronics Mathematical Methods for Physics III
Introduction to Problem Solving Electronics II
General Mathematics Elementary differential Equation
General Mathematics I
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Admission Requirements

(a) UTME

The entry requirements shall be at least credit level passes in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to form the core subjects with credit in one other relevant science subject at the Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. In addition, an acceptable pass in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is required for admission into 100-level.

(b) Direct Entry

  1. ‘A’ level passes in two or three relevant subjects with ‘O’ level credit passes including English language in two or three other subjects at not more than two sittings.

Also, candidates with two passes (graded A-E) at the GCE/IJMB Advanced Level in two relevant subjects (Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics) may be admitted into 200-level.

  1. National diploma (ND) in relevant subjects with minimum of upper credit pass may qualify candidates for admission into year II provided their programmes cover certain basic courses required by the department. They must also have five O’level credit passes including mathematics, physics, chemistry and English language. In exceptional cases ND lower credit pass may be acceptable.

Direct entry students through Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) in relevant subjects with at least 3 point pass may qualify candidates for admission into year II provided their programmes cover certain basic courses required by the department. They must also have five O’level credit passes including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English language.

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UZOMA ECHEFULACHIAg. HOD Physics and Electronics

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. … Physics intersects with many interdisciplinary areas of research, such as biophysics and quantum chemistry, and the boundaries of physics which are not rigidly defined.


Prof. Eya. D.O
Prof. Eya. D.O B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. (Solid State Physics)
Mr. Uzoma E.K
Mr. Uzoma E.K B.Sc, MSc (Atmospheric Physics)
Mr. Nwosu V.C
Mr. Nwosu V.C B.Sc, MSc (Solar Energy Physics)

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