Project Description

The Management and Information and Communications Unit is a multi-purpose department, serving as some sort of data bank for the University on such things as students and staff records, rendering services to members of the larger community who may wish to avail themselves of its services. MICTU properly integrate ICT into the academic, social and financial activities of the University.

It oversees the  provision of ICT Infrastructures and Basic Services, including the provision of internet services through an integrated metropolitan area network and wireless hotspots to the academic centres, administrative centres, members of staff, students, etc.

Mr. Stanley Agu C.
Mr. Stanley Agu C.ICT Director

Welcome To The MICT Unit at Hezekiah University,  Umudi, Imo State

The MICT unit is presently under the office of the Vice Chancellor attached to the ICT Center. The Unit plays a strategic role which must be emphasized and harnessed by the University. The Challenges facing the Universities in the new global information management include provision of efficient, effective, accurate and timely information about the University activities and effective distribution of this information to all needed departments/units of the university and the lager society. These information covers the area of staff management (Academic and Non-Academic), Students Records Management (Admission, Registration and Results. The MICT preserve and provide the Management with up-to-date needed information necessary for effective management decision. The Aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To provide up-to-date accurate and reliable information on all University activities at all levels to both Academic and Non-Academic staff for effective management plans and sound decision making.
  • To make available all relevant and needed information about the University to other sister instructions or agencies be it private of government through effective distribution or the University Website.
  • To organize regular IT training and workshops for staffs and students on general knowledge in Information Technology to enhance human development.

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