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The department of History and International Studies seeks to provide liberal arts education with the highest breath in comprehensive human experiences. It offers students the opportunity to study the past, not just for its own sake but for the perspectives it offers the present. The subject for History and International Studies lies in the study of the dynamics of societies and the international environment in which they exist. It seeks to understand the processes of international life and the trajectory of its development and how it impacts on societies. The curriculum lays emphases on training students to understand the nature of evidence and how to interpret evidence. The programme is designed to develop students’ intellectual abilities, which will be useful for future career in diverse fields. It offers perspectives on local history, cultural analysis, cultural diversity, and methodology, while maintaining the traditional strengths in the field of African, European, American and world history. Generally, the programme seeks to produce students with a mind capable of rational and intuitive grasp of events in order to bring critical and analytical attitude to bear on national and international issues for the socio-political and economic development of the society.

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  • VISION – The Vision of the department is to be a center of excellence in terms of training, research and community services. The subject matter of History and International Studies is the study of the dynamics of societies and the international environment in which they exist.

  • MISSION – The mission of the Department of History and International Studies at Hezekiah University is based on promoting dissemination of knowledge through interdisciplinary approach by drawing on the expertise of relevant disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to explain the historical forces and developments.

  • AIM & OBJECTIVE – The ultimate aim of the programme is to train a complete person relevant to our diverse and changing world. It intends to achieve this aim through the following set objectives

    i) Produce students that are imbued with strength of character, power of judgment, capacity of analysis and effectiveness of expression.

    ii) Develop students’ ability to appreciate the historical forces that have shaped and continue to shape their immediate environment.

    iii) Educate students in historical movements and issues of international global importance to enable them acquire better knowledge of the World and thus promote World peace.

    iv) Give students thorough understanding of Nigeria and global issues.

    v) Provide students with advantages usually associated with judgment needed particularly in administrative and managerial responsibilities in the competitive global village.

    vi) Instill in students, a critical and broad mind that will enable them appreciate the various dimensions in given issues.

    vii)  To promote in students the spirit of independent, original and imaginative inquiry

    viii) To equip students with the knowledge and mental skills needed for identifying, analyzing and solving problems in a technological age.

    ix) To highlight aspects of the humanities that have direct application for practical life and those that promote social and cultural awareness, thus enhancing the individual’s sense of civic responsibility.

    x) To train students to have the social and intellectual tools for interaction and for a viable and harmonious working life.

  • Career Placement – History and International Studies graduates develop both general and technical skills applicable to a wide range of careers. For example, cross-cultural proficiency may be equally useful whether working as a foreign-service officer, a manager of an international branch of Nigerian organization or corporation, or a journalist.

    The list below is a sample of jobs/careers History and International Studies graduates can undertake.

    • Translation specialist
    • Foreign affairs journalist
    • Foreign policy analyst
    • International finance analyst
    • Immigration inspector
    • Congressional staff member
    • Foundation researcher
    • Intelligence agent
    • College professor
    • Librarian
    • Historian
    • International affairs lawyer
    • Affirmative action officer
    • Foreign service officer
    • Consultant, cross-cultural relations
    • Travel agent
    • Export / import sales manager
    • Hospitality manager
    • International hotel manager
    • Leader or manager of international NGO
    • Administrator within international organization
    • Teacher/Lecturer
    • Advertising copywriter
    • Museum exhibit assistant
    • Museum curator
    • Journalist / writer, all media
    • Editor, all media
    • Arts reviewer
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The Degree Programmes shall be based on the following courses throughout the the four(4) years:

First Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English I African History Since 1800 The Third World in International Relations Diplomatic and Consular Law
Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT International Political System Research Methods The OAU and AU in African International Relations
Introduction to Political Science Slave Trade and the African Diaspora Nigerian Foreign Policy The United Nations and World Affairs
Foundations of Political Economy American History and Diplomacy in the 19th and 20th Centuries Theories of International Relations History of the Commonwealth
Introduction to International Law Peace and Conflict Resolution African and the Outside world in the 20th Century Politics and Underdevelopment
Introduction of African Politics Introduction to Entrepreneurship Introduction to Computers Development Administration and MDGS
Nigerian Peoples and Culture National Building in Africa Colonialism and Imperialism in Africa Terrorism and International Politics
Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence Issues in Development and Underdevelopment Regional Integration and International Relations Regional Cooperation and Integration in West Africa
Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence Economic History of West Africa in the 19th and 20th Centuries Foreign Policies of the World Powers
Modern European Political Thoughts

Second Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English II Principles of International Law Theory and Practice of Modern Diplomacy Research Projects
African History up to 1800 Nigeria Since 1800 to Independence International Economic Relations The European Union and The Developing Countries
History and International Relations and Diplomacy Nigerian Foreign Service and Diplomacy International Organisations and Non-State Actors in International Relations Multilateral Institutions in World Politics and Economy
Introduction to Nigerian Government and Politics European History and Diplomacy in the 19th and 20th Centuries International Relations and Diplomacy of the Major Powers Foreign Policies and Diplomatic Practice of African States
Principles of Economics National Interests and Ideology Application of Computer to Arts Politics of Francophone Africa
Introduction to Economic History Economic History of Nigeria in the 19th Century Soviet and Russian Policy Public Policy Analysis
major World Civilization Leadership Skills History and Industrial Revolution Advance Bargaining and Conflict Resolutons
Contemporary Health Issues Entrepreneurship Political Behaviour
Basic Communication in French Environment and Sustainable Development Introduction to Contemporary Strategic Studies
Basic Communication in Arabic Modern African Political Thoughts
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Admission Requirements

Candidates are admitted into the degree programme in any of the following three ways:

  1. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  2. Direct Entry
  3. Inter-University Transfer

A. UTME Entry Mode

Candidates must obtain credit pass in minimum of five (5) subjects in WAEC/NECO which must include History or Government and Literature-in-English. In addition, candidates must attain the departmental cut off mark as may be fixed by the department in a given session. The JAMB combination must include History/Government and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

BDirect Entry (DE): 3-Year Degree Programme

For Direct Entry, candidates must have passes in at least Two GCE ‘A’ level subjects, JUPEB, and their equivalent in History or Government, Literature-in-English or Christian Religious Studies.  Holders of NCE, OND and HND must obtain a minimum of Lower credit level to be eligible for consideration.

CInter-University Transfer Mode

Students can transfer provided they met the receiving University’s requirement in terms of qualification, grade and the minimum duration of stay to earn the university’s degree.

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Mr. Ifeanyi
Mr. IfeanyiAg. HOD History and International Studies

Our highly-respected undergraduate degree programme offer a wide range of courses to enable you to explore and build capacity and expertise in your desired field of interest.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to become knowledgeable of social, economic, and technological trends and global issues facing our “one world within the universe,” while you also study languages and culture. Our programme offer you the experience and challenge of addressing real issues domestically and internationally in an inclusive, collaborative and thoughtful learning environment. Central to this are learning models for affecting social change. In addition, the Hezekiah University campus offers an outstanding array of events, activities, organizations and other extracurricular programs in which you can become involved.

A warm welcome to you from the HOD, to the Prestigious Department of History and International Studies at Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State.


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