The Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Hezekiah University is occupied by a Professor appointed by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Council. The Vice-Chancellor is expected to hold office for a period of five years which may be renewed for a further term of five years only, subject to the satisfactory performance evaluation and upon such condition as may be prescribed by the Council.

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman of the Senate and exercises general academic supervision over the University and has a general responsibility to the Council for maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order of the University. It is the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to see that the provisions of the Law, the statutes and regulations are observed and he/she may exercise such powers as may be necessary or expedient for that purpose.

He/she shall provide leadership and direction to the University through policy formulation, development and implementation to ensure accountability and responsibility for efficient and effective compliance with the University law, statutes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.